A Review: Amazing Must-Have Compression Stockings

The Just4Crew Compression stockings are stretchable 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex garments that are very beneficial to protect you from the development of moderate to severe varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, edema and venous ulcers among other medical conditions.

They are 60DEN tights. Denier refers to the opacity and thickness of yarns that are used to knit them. The lower the number, the thinner and more sheer they will be.


These stockings were originally designed for air hostesses who fly for very long hours. However, due to their effectiveness, they have also become a necessity for a lot of other individuals whose jobs require sitting and standing for long hours especially in hospitals, hotels, retail or malls, aboard flights (both cabin crew and passengers), airports workers and so on.

Their incredible benefits are that they:

-Are made from a breathable fabric that is great for anti-odor.

-Help stimulate blood flow and circulate oxygen to your muscles.

-Help prevent blood clots.

-Help prevent foot and leg swelling.

-Have a seamless toe area for your comfort. I find I can easily wiggle my feet in them.

-Are ideal for everyone including sports men and women as well as nurses, security officers, airport workers and frequent travelers.

-During my travels, I noticed that my feet would swell quite a lot when airborne so much so that by the time I would land at my destination, my feet could barely fit the very shoes I left home in. These stockings are now my ideal travel partner.

-Are extremely durable. To achieve this, it is best recommended that you wash your stockings by hand. Do not iron them too.

-Can be used to tuck your tummy and lift your boobies, an essential requirement for today’s busy, trendy and chic woman.

-Can be used everyday day. There is no limitation on how long you wear them. You can however not sleep in them. It is advisable to elevate your feet above your heart for 5-10 minutes soon as you take them off to allow time to reduce venous pressure and increase the return of venous blood to the heart.

-Help keep your feet dry. You can wear them with heels too.

Source: pinterest.com/worldofhair.com

-Come in 3 sizes which are Medium, Large and Extra Large as well as a variety of colors specific to your skin tone.

I have been using them for well over two weeks now and after feeling and witnessing such a huge difference from the usual stockings I have been using, I am more than happy to recommend this product to you.

Please feel free to drop me an email on justqat@gmail.com for further inquiries regarding this incredible product.

Keep your feet and legs happy.

Love and Regards.