Behold! A Queen was Born

Daylah, the mom-to-be
The lovely couple with their princess

One of the most exciting things about being back in Kenya is how much I have made new connections with different individuals and families that have now become a huge part of my regular network. I have met most at social events. It almost feels like in Qat, a new social bird has sprout forth.

Every stage in our lives is a constant renewal of ourselves and helps us discover more about ourselves through participating in some of these events.

The couple, Dylan and Dylah
With a friend
With a friend
The Princess with a family friend
Father and daughter
Mom and daughter

One of those amazing individuals I met and became friends with is a budding photographer and videographer here in Meru. About the time we met, he had a wife/girlfriend who was expecting. She later gave birth to a bundle of life a while back. I was too thrilled for them not to share this exciting news with y’alls.

Took me back to the lovely day we prepared a surprise baby shower for them and the crazy planning that followed. On that lovely day, I discovered another one of those things I never imagined I could do; emceeing! Of all other places, a baby shower, Haha! I surprised myself at decorating too. This self-discovery is on a true roll. Female power on steroids, lol.

There were two ladies and a gent running around planning, a whatsapp group set up where conversation around the finer details of the day was had. They became acquaintances of mine too. Blessed.

Most of the attendees knew one another, others did not. I was among the latter as I knew less than 5 people in that entire sitting. I had volunteered to help decorate the hall where the event was to be held the night before.

The family 👪

To cut this story short, all I am learning as time goes by is the value of keeping an open mind in every aspect of life, going with the flow and allowing myself to get fully absorbed in each moment and knocking my entire self out in that process.

After all, life is for the living, ain’t it?

I would like to take this golden opportunity to congratulate the beautiful couple Dylan and Dylah on welcoming a dazzling queen into this world! Enjoy parenthood and I hope to see you as soon as am back from my random escapades.

Be well.

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