Goodbye November, Hello December

Dear November,

Thank you for being ferociously kind. When we began, nothing was very clear about the direction you would steer us in. We bummed in your bus and off we went.

It was not the easiest of rides. We encountered high bumps, pot holes reeking of dirty water that splattered on anyone that walked by. Still, we remained resilient and braced for impact, whispering sincere prayers into the dead of night that we pull through. And Oh! The grace and steadfastness through it all has been more than worth the while. Gracias!

There have been beautiful memories made from places toured, moments spent with loved ones, books read, movies watched, dreams had, not forgetting the all-time sparkle moments in our service to humanity. So many more extraordinary ones ahead. We give thanks.

This year appeared too long when January began. Now with exactly one month left before we blitz into 2020, there have been achievements and mistakes made. Out of those, numerous lessons learnt, friends lost and new ones made. Some objectives that have not seen the light in 2019 have been spread out to be fulfilled in the coming year. One day at a time. We are learning not to be too hard on ourselves.

We choose to make the best out of every moment, to live our lives as happily and freely as our spirits desire.

We appreciate every blessing as we step into December, with grace, gratitude and smiles.

Till November 2020, God willing, adios from this grateful human.

Happy Thanksgiving, Hello December and Happy Holidays to you all. As always, thanks for dropping by.

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