Revealed: My Dirty Little Secret

I felt like writing a different post today. About a girl consumed by wanderlust.

I left work at 0500am after night shift last Thursday, rushed home and without a second thought, grabbed my tiny, pink suitcase where I quickly bundled two pants, a dress, few tops, 4 pairs of shoes, a few personal effects and booked a ticket home to spend two days with family. And guess what, Not a word to any of them. Surprise…

I know you have questions but please allow me to finish. My other plan was, of course to rush to Germany and spend the weekend with my twirls. Travel, truly is addictive, no matter where you’re disappearing off to. My partner was rushing home too for a week and the initial plan was to stay home to clean, tidy, cook, read and write for the few days off.

When you travel, every damn place becomes your home. I might start naming all these homes using alphabetical at this rate because when I describe home, specificity matters and I am slowly losing track.

So, we ended up in Nairobi. Stepping off that plane into the crisp breath of fresh air was magic. My fingers itched to dial up my family and inform them the eagles had landed. Then hesitated. I’m not so good with surprises so I fought that feeling the entire night until Friday afternoon. I got busy chat my brother to check up, as usual and I secretly snooped to know what they were up to, obviously to avoid a possible bounce.

Nairobi has a weird way of welcoming me home. This time was a slight dust inhale on our way home from the airport, which quickly flared-up my allergy and I ended up with a blocked chest, nostrils, an irritatingly sore throat and non-stop sneezing.

We quickly tried to arrest it with some allergy medication. At some point during the night, I got blocked few times and remember tapping my partner to inform them that I couldn’t breathe properly. They stayed up tending to me. Sweet soul of mine. As the night wore on, I was not about to let an allergy mess up this short trip, never. When trouble comes, you treat it like you’re the boss, not the other way around. Life lesson.

Then came the moment I knocked their door. I saw the window blinds part lightly and before I could take another breath, the sound of my brother who shot up from the couch screaming, ‘Oooooh my goodness, noooo…I’m going to kill you.’ ‘Katha, ooooh my, I can’t believe this. He stepped out in haste, swung the door wide open and lifted me off the ground in excitement, his daughter and wife in tow, beaming unbelievably.

My partner and her brother emerged from their hiding place and we all, again exclaimed uncontrollably, hugged, laughed and marched into the house. My precious niece, warmly clad, touching our faces as if to confirm we were real was so glad we were home. That moment. Priceless.

My brother’s words were, ‘You got us, you really pulled a huge one on us.’ Even after we prayed and said our good nights, I could still hear them repeatedly mumble that they could not believe I was home.

That moment.

It dissolved the indecisiveness, the impulsive, unplanned get away for just 2 nights away from our other home. Love is a worthy sacrifice.

Now, shoot those questions now, won’t you¿

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