Goodbye November, Hello December

Dear November, Thank you for being ferociously kind. When we began, nothing was very clear about the direction you would steer us in. We bummed in your bus and off we went. It was not the easiest of rides. We encountered high bumps, pot holes reeking of dirty water that splattered on anyone that walked … Continue reading Goodbye November, Hello December

Don’t be left out: Unmasking, ‘A Heart in Ruins.’

It has been more than 14 years of writing, saving, planning and procrastinating. In between all that, my blog got hacked and I lost the psyche to keep writing. Hello writer’s block. For more than 5 years, I struggled to pick up a pen and scribble anything on my notepad. I tried everything to get … Continue reading Don’t be left out: Unmasking, ‘A Heart in Ruins.’