It’s Valentine Season and Love is in the Air

I have never fully grasped the whole Valentine’s Day concept. However, It is my belief that if you have a lover, you do not only wait for Valentine’s Day to express how you feel. Because Love is an every day activity. That said, I felt I needed to do a post. The gratitude that flows from all the blessings that have been flooding my way is inexplicable.

As it is already out there, I am happy to share that I found love, when I was barely searching. The circumstances surrounding how that came about is somewhat strange but exciting.

Awww, truly heart melting messages from my love.

I have never been one to give up on love so I definitely was aware of the fact that after getting back on track, love would come around. There is truly no cap to how long one should wait before embarking on a new relationship in terms of days, weeks, months or years. However, to avoid getting into a rebound situationship, it is vital to stay single until you feel ready to start dating again, especially after you have been in a long term relationship.

Despite the fact that ours is still in its infancy stages, there has been so much learning, unlearning, discovering and participating in shared interests and respecting varied opinions amongst others happening.

I realize am incredibly blessed to have had an excellent support system. It helped me help myself to rise. Even when I did come around some interesting people previously, I never felt quite ready to date yet. That time alone, single was one of the best in my life. This is a start to a new phase in my life, which I fully embrace with love and gratitude.

Every relationship helps you discover a lot about yourself that you never knew before. It is therefore good to allow room to express how you feel on a regular basis, the progress being made, the challenges encountered and charting a way forward. Some conversations can be a little uncomfortable to have, especially with a new love. Converse anyway. Break it down. It is all worth it.

This Valentine’s Day means more to me because I know just how much darkness I’ve had to encounter to get to where I am today. It has proven to me that I am one very tough cookie. That nothing and no one can crush me to a point of giving up on the things that matter.

Valentine’s Day is about letting those we love how we feel about them using their love languages.

To the one who melts my heart, you are the spice that blends in the happiness I found within me. The Fire you lit and Sparks it emits will keep burning brighter every other day. Getting to do life this new year with you has brought a thrill to everything we come across and encounter together. Such a gorgeous soul with a smart mind to boot. Our conversations invigorate me. And aye, you are a wonderful product of manifestation.

One of the many things we always make fun of is speaking our mother tongue till we’re 90. Haha. Affirmation. I am getting to visit new parts of myself through loving you. I do not take that for granted. The space we have both created and curated in each other a haven where we get to bond, unwind and have fun in between. Priceless. You are one of a kind. We are both a work in progress and I am glad to experience love on a whole new dimension, with you.

Thank you for being my friend, sister, bestie and partner. I love and cherish you Sheela, not just today but every other day of our lives.

To all you who have made time to read this, thank you and I am wishing you a fabulous time with your loved ones.

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