Is Breezy hinting ‘New Music’ this Month?

I am a huge Stan of Chris Brown’s music since the release of ‘Kiss Kiss’ featuring T. Pain and Nelly on October 25th, 2009 that has so far garnered a staggering 326 million views on YouTube.

In my opinion, Chris is incredibly talented vocally, an effortlessly fabulous dancer and renowned performer. Got to leave it at that as I suspect describing this legendary artist might wind up spilling into several other paragraphs, which was not my intention to begin with.

Anyways, on Monday I saw a post on his Instagram account where a space-themed song was uploaded. It offered a glimpse into a ‘Breezy era’ and the caption below it read, ‘Incoming Transmission’ with a loading bar. Beneath the latter was the numbers ‘11/11.’ Possibly a date, 11th November?

While promoting his recent remix to ‘Gyalis’ by Capella Grey, he captioned, ‘Dat Breezy era starting to heat up.’

It is not entirely clear what Breezy is planning to drop our way on November 11th but many fans including myself look forward to a single, the long awaited album Breezy…anything Chris. We ready!

Only time will tell. In under a week from today.

Keep you apprised.

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