It´s been all Good, Singleville

It has been 525 days, more than a year and a half into singlehood. Shocker, I know, given most of you just recently found out.

My previous relationship was an 8 year journey that was totally worth the while. I have an article on here about how to make your relationship last. And no, am not pulling that down, haha.

If you read it, I believe you remember the last tip, number 13 precisely. Something about sh** happening and life has to go on regardless. Please see the link below to read it.

Well, I am writing this blog towards the end of October and one of the things I am most proud of is how I managed to stay sane during that period. The year 2020 was pretty messed up. During the first half of that year, the COVID-19 pandemic got us into a lockdown that ended in furlough for many of us. Earlier on in March, I had been on a 2 week vacation to Germany and managed to sneak back early morning on the day Dubai International Airport was shutting down all departures, arrivals and airport operations.

By that time, my relationship was on the rocks and that hit me hard. I promised myself to start healing once I returned home where I would be away from everyone and everything.

I excitedly returned home in September of 2020 and embarked on bonding with my family, who I had spent very little time with during the time I was living and working in diaspora. I missed the birth of my adorable nephew and in about a month or so, he would be turning 1 year. Even while dealing with heartbreak, I particularly found being around my niece and nephew very therapeutic. However, I did have my moments. Some days were pure bliss. Others I was a total mess.

I am an individual who enjoys spending significant amounts of time by myself, something that also really helped me reflect on the path I was on and where my life would be headed from there.

At one point, my very good friends paid me surprise visits and we’d enjoy the weeks and weekends bonding. One of them was single at the time and I remember fondly how we’d make fun about how we were on dry spells that would make our cunts all rusty and shit. Those two were heaven sent, even suggesting I start therapy to help put things in perspective, which I did. I would not have done it without y’all. Thank you.

One of my other friends literally went to an extent of signing me up on Tinder and a few other dating sites, on my phone insisting that it was time to seek love. I found that challenging to keep up with since I was already happily single.

I run into pseudo profiles but was always cautious so as to never fall prey to their evil whims. There were also plenty of dope humans out there that I ended up being very good friends with, to date. I lost friends too. Difficult times determine who stays on and who leaves. I had the pleasure of getting rid of bad energies within my circles, keeping only a select few. Such relief.

Nothing beats the power of acknowledging vulnerability to the fact that you are in pain and take steps towards healing and staying happy. Have blunt conversations with yourself but do not create room for any negativity, internal or external. Cut off those people out of your life unapologetically.

I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun, by myself. Right now, I am more than ready to hit the ground running.

It is time to move on. More than 75 weeks later. I am stronger than I ever was and have taken time to work on myself.

As I continue to grow and focus on 2022, the lessons I have learnt throughout this period have been immense and instrumental in the next chapter of my life which I look forward to.

Here is to new journeys, a new lease of life and love. Cheers to new beginnings. I see, live and manifest them each and every day. Magic is already happening.

This might be my last blog post of 2021.

Happy Holidays Everyone.

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