My Relocation Progress

My colleague and friend T.

It has been a beautiful month or so since I got back home. I have had so much happening within that short time and grateful for among many things, the gift of life.

This is the first post am writing, feels good to finally sit and type away. My family has retired to bed. I am yet to restructure how I will break my habit of staying up till late, studying, reading, watching Netflix, or chatting away. These ungodly hours take me to some wonderful mental spaces (where my creative juices flow best). I am slowly beginning to deal with the fact that going to sleep by 0800-1000pm, something that might not be happening anytime soon.

Our YouTube channel, has also been updated with new videos including this latest one of a Nanyuki getaway my friends and I went to. You can watch that video here A Review of one of Nanyuki’s Stunning Airbnb’s

Nanyuki getaway with the girls.

Always a pleasure meeting new friends and connections and re-connecting with long time friendships especially from the various events I have attended while here. Am truly honored to know you all.

It is so cold here, I had forgotten how it feels to have rain pour day and night, having to overhaul my wardrobe to suit this chilly weather has not been easy. However, I am trying to stay as warm as possible to ward off colds and flu.

Then minding what I eat. Haha, most of my current pictures showing proof of the obvious weight I have gained. With all the deliciousness presented at every meal, my taste buds have found them irresistible. That is perfectly okay.

I gained a good 5kgs.

Tonight, I am here to share nothing but heartfelt gratitude to everyone that has played such an integral role every step in my life thus far.

This is a start of many more to come, Inshallah. A reminder that yours truly is still around, in the business of adulting.

This year is about to come to a close. Make each day of the remaining weeks and month count. Love, gratitude, self care and sprinkle that kindness everywhere you go.

You are warmly thought of and missed.

Hang in there. Talk to you real soon.

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