Thank you for 1000K YouTube Subscribers

Hello guys, I believe September is going gentle on you and in turn, you are staying grateful and making the best out of every opportunity life presents.

I am grateful for so much. For starters, we managed to, with the help of a friend shoot a kitchen video, sharing a DIY recipe for a home made Greek salad dressing. The video was a wee bit long but we were able to post it in two parts. One went up on Tuesday and the other one just yesterday. You can watch them here: The responses were overwhelming. A day later, we finally managed to hit 1K plus Subscribers. You are the best, for watching, sharing, commenting, subscribing, everything basically. We have seen nothing but your love and support through all of it and I feel like a mere ‘Thank you’ would be an understatement. Just know we appreciate and thank God for you. THANKYOU.

In other news, I have a new podcast session out. Kindly find the link below. Please give it a listen.–Her-Friends-ejf67u/a-a36ccua

Until then, let’s stay positive and keep going. Last but not least, SMILE.

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