Please Help! Dama and Her Friends in Urgent Need of Sanitary Towels

I got contacted by a lovely lady a few days back about a project she has been carrying out. She needed assistance in sharing her air funding page to reach out to well wishers willing to support the worthy cause. I was humbled and inspired.

Air funding is a crowd fund of sorts that is used in a bout 200 countries to support different causes.

Carol Njenga comes from Kibarani, a small village in Kilifi. She started this initiative sometime before March 2020, out of the need to see some 60 girls get essentials that include sanitary towels.

Carol Njenga, Dada to Dada Foundation founder.

Dama (not her real name) is a Primary School student contacted Carol after soiling her dress and getting called out by the boda boda (motorcycle operators) on her way back from the shop. With the Covid-19 situation, there has been such heavy financial constraints and a lot of families are left to buy and manage with very little. Given a chance between food and sanitary towels, one would definitely opt to not sleep hungry and try manage periods by cutting up and using old pieces of cloth.

Dana’s other friends are going through similar experiences and unfortunately, the embarrassment these girls have to deal with is something one would never wish anyone to go through. This has led to them being gullible and falling prey to men who elope with them. Then comes the Teenage pregnancies and early marriage menace.

Carol has been trying to pull together resources, with help from friends and well wishers, but have run out of supplies and need our assistance to reach out to these girls. It could be in form of food, water, sanitary towels. Anything that might go a long way to help them.

Please find the air funding link below to reach out and help (if you can). We would really appreciate. will provide more details as well as the numbers you could contact her to donate on.

It is heart breaking to know what our girls have to go through to put food on the table and take care of their other needs. They do not have to, if we come out and support them. It is not just in Kilifi, but everywhere.

Carol and her team are doing a great job reaching out to companies and individuals within their localities including leaders. Setting up meetings because as she says, ‘seeing them suffer breaks her heart.’ It it so touching to see that we have such beautiful hearts out there. There is truly good in humanity. Please join me in supporting this noble project.

God Bless You.

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