My Raw Birth – QatsHub Central: Your Honest Opinion?

I like to talk to myself especially whenever am home alone. About anything. If you ever decided to eavesdrop and listen to some of the conversations I have, you would think I’ve gone bollocks!

It is one of those things I have never disclosed about myself. Being a bohemian girl ain’t your regular walk in the park. I constantly struggle with insane ideas of every other thing I could do to just keep my mental tabs perambulating at 115% at any given time.

Of course the downside of all that is a ‘burnout’ is always lurking out there somewhere. Ha!

I decided to download and fiddle around with this app known as on my Play Store and instead of bubbling to myself all the time, I could get a little constructive and make someone’s day brighter, less burdened and replace it with a smile.

My beloved readers, welcome to QatsHub Central (wherever I scooped that name up from *gasp*). I have read articles and watched videos where expert bloggers, vloggers, regularly insist that wanna’ be’s (such as myself) should scale it down to a particular niche. What if I have none to think of and this year has in many ways taught me to go for whatever I damn well please, even when am not trained or remotely even experienced in it.

Well, I just broke that rule. This trial podcast is a rant about anything and everything. Does that even make sense? I hope it does to you and that you find encouragement in the few sessions I have recorded. The beauty of taking risks is how much you learn along the way. Am ready. For all of it.

Be Warned! They ain’t edited, raw raw raw… My QatsHub Central Podcast can also be accessed on other platforms such as Radio Public, PocketCasts, Breaker Audio and Spotify on these links,,,

Enjoy and let me know if I should carry on or drop it all together. Love and Light.

Qat Qamunde

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