Introducing ZuriChats: When it Rains, Play and Dance in the Puddle

I remember with nostalgia the optimism with which we started this year. I was rostered for duty at 0500am on 1st January, 2020 so my 31st of December 2019 was spent indoors, chilling. My partner was reporting to work at midnight of the new year, she was up by 7pm to begin preparing, given how massively and ugly traffic around that time of the year can get.

That countdown to 2020 where most are dashing to various locations to witness firework displays and make good memories with family and friends. Traffic moves at snail speeds and can literally lower your energy level and dampen your good mood.

Then March began and things went topsy-turvy. We are now past mid-year and it almost feels like end of the year already. So much has happened. Joblessness, illness, lockdowns, deaths, bankruptcies, drastic economical downturn of states, disconnections and too much mental and psychological lows beyond imagination. The losses are beyond unfathomable.

It is only August and most of us are already mentally exhausted, especially when all you read in the news is the rumors of a second wave of the COVID-19 virus. We have had enough…or at least I have.

However, one of the other lessons I am constantly learning is how to make the best out of bad situations. When darkness looms, there lie endless opportunities waiting to be seized. I am glad I did.

I had been home and indoors since March 19th. My iPad web history must have gotten exhausted from all the ideas I googled day and night non-stop. The endless articles and videos I read and watched. Out of the frustrating need to keep busy for sanity sakes. Do not get it twisted, I was busy. It just was not enough.

I had always desired to start a YouTube Channel from as early as 2017, but kept procrastinating even after purchasing my shooting equipment in 2019. For some reason, that idea was shelved and forgotten. Until my partner hinted that this was probably the best time to go for it. The idea was to initially do a collaboration with a friend, who also used to be a YouTuber once upon a time.

We got down to planning and the day came. We sat on set and went ahead to introduce our different channels. It felt awkward and my insides shook. Nerves. Was I ready for this¿ That first video was a, ‘get to know Freddie and Qat’ that never made to see the light of day on YouTube. We instead decided to merge and work jointly. We had no ideal name in mind so we parted ways, went home with just ‘Freddie and Qat.‘ During the 2nd shoot, we agreed on a new name and reverted to ZuriChats. Zuri is a Swahili word which means ‘good.’ The idea was to simply spread some good energy, vibe and laughter and chat as we carry on adulting. Good Chats. Some Zuri Chats.

My dear family and friends, Welcome to ZuriChats, the show that brings you the best discoveries in the world of lifestyle. This was the best decision we made this year. A constant reminder that despite the tough times, one can really make the most and best out of it and go places. Our baby was born on May 09th, 2020.

ZuriChats is now 3 months old, we have a total of 19 videos on YouTube and a whooping 910 subscribers. Whooping because I realize how difficult it can be building such numbers from scratch within a short time. We never really saw this coming but we are extremely grateful for the far we have come. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous, undying support with this blog and ZuriChats. Initially, we started by posting one video on Friday afternoon (02:00-02:30pm) each week. Due to public demand, we have increased them to 2 videos a week posted specifically on Tuesday and Friday afternoons (02:00-02:30pm) Dubai Time.

You will also find ZuriChats on Facebook and Instagram. Please check us out, watch our videos, leave us feedback and subscribe.

It is possible to dance in the rain. I believe no one is defined by any given situation, rather our thoughts and attitude about it is what really counts. A situation like the one this world experienced earlier this year that still persists was one out of our control. It is therefore up to us when it comes to how we deal with it. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. We did it, so can you. So Stop. Go. Make whatever you have been holding back happen.

I realize now more than ever that I am never going to let fear, self critique, sabotage and perfectionism hold me back. I will allow myself to make mistakes and learn from them to be better at it eventually. There is more of the good stuff coming. I have been trying my voice at podcasting too and will share that with you real soon.

Stay positive and constructive. Be grateful. Show some empathy and be kind towards yourself and others.

Blessings and Love Always, Qat.

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