Apple’s 15” Inch MacBook Pro Recall

Do you own an Apple MacBook Pro that you intend to carry on your upcoming trip?

As you may have heard or read in the news these past few days, it is indeed true that Apple have sent a worldwide recall on one of their products, a select number of MacBook Pro 15 inch laptops. This recall was done earlier in July, 2019 despite that it is only beginning to fully pick up pace now.

The reason for recall is that the laptops have been reported to have an overheating lithium battery which is likely to pose a fire risk therefore will not be accepted either as checked in or carry-on baggage on most flights.

A number of airlines have joined the airline safety regulators in banning the carriage of those gadgets on all their flights regardless of destination. Others are still allowing passengers to carry them in their carry-on luggage as long as they remain switched off during inflight for safety reasons.

How do I know if my laptop is among those affected and what should I do

The about 460,000 MacBook Pro’s were seemingly purchased between September 2015 to February 2017. You can easily know if your laptop is affected by confirming the serial number and model of your MacBook on the Apple website here and follow the steps to begin the battery replacement process.

Apple has assured its customers that they will replace all recalled batteries at no cost at all. All you have to do is take or mail it to any apple store repair centre

Please Note:

– Any electronics that have a lithium battery component including tablets, power banks, e-cigarettes, mobile phones et cetera are not allowed in checked in baggage and can only be accepted in your carry-on luggage. The theory behind this being that it is way easier to stop a fire in the cabin than in the cargo hold.

– It is possible to travel with your MacBook Pro laptop after your battery is replaced. However, you must provide proof at the checking counter before you are allowed to take it with you. Please carry the necessary documentation to show that your computer is not affected by the recall too especially if you may be on transit to other destinations to avoid your computer being seized and confiscated.

– Should you have further questions, kindly contact the specific airline you are flying to be clear on exactly what their requirements are before travel to avoid wasting time and eventually having your trip thwarted at the last minute. is also sufficiently furnished on ‘Dangerous Goods’ not acceptable for travel as well for your information.

As always, enjoy your trip and keep visiting my site to stay updated on these and more travel related tips.


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