Introducing my First Poetry Book, ‘A Heart in Ruins.’

I am thrilled to share with you the release of, ‘A Heart in Ruins,’ a book comprised of a collection of poems written years back expressing frustration, hurt, heartbreak and love during a particularly tumultuous time of my life.

After that, I encountered a near-permanent writer’s block which was my primary release of the issues plaguing my mind and heart. I slowly slipped into depression and it has taken a long time to swim me out of the mud. I eventually did.

A Heart in Ruins is such a personal memoir to me because it is poetic proof of how far I have come to healing. In the light of the recent and sudden demise of my one and only sister and close friend barely 2 years back, I once again fell back to writing poetry as a way to express my innermost feelings and unknown to me, yet again began healing in the process. Grief is a never-ending journey and I am gaining the strength to keep going. Slow but sure. One tear at a time.

I have, many times, contemplated to quit and destroy these poems and instead write about other matters. But I kept transferring them from one computer to the other, one flash disk and hard drive to the next. My heart firmly held onto them. Am happy to finally share them with you, dear reader.

I hope through them, you have hope and keep working through your pain to become a better you. It is okay to grieve, to hurt and confront the frustrations of everyday life. As long as you do not allow them to define your future.

The Paperback and Kindle versions of the book are available on here. Please go ahead and grab your copy now.

I will be sharing much more about this book as time goes by, one step at a time.

Thank you so very much for your continued support and love. Enjoy the read and do not forget to share your thoughts.

Lots of Love.

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