Your Fast, Easy and Secure Luggage Storage

Image by Iva Balk from Pixabay 

Ever wished you could, during travel, dump your suitcases some place to have another quick look around the city before you catch your flight back home? Well, I have some good news. You can 😁

Yours truly found one very reliable way to do it. During the last leg of my tour of Germany early this month, I had the constant desire to ditch my bags and take one last train or bus ride if not a walk to make the best of my day before the next flight. Moving around with bags for someone who is still struggling to travel light is not even funny. This is where they say, ‘if you know, you know!’ The struggle is real.

On this particular birthday vacation, I hopped from the beautiful cities of Stuttgart, Cologne and finally Düsseldorf by train. After that I was to catch a flight to Dubai and since hotel check out time was around 11 o’clock, it slowly dawned on me that I would still have many more hours to kill before checking into the airport for my flight. One option was to obviously request the hotel to allow me to leave the luggage and pick it up later on my way to the airport. But what if the hotel is not along the way there, then what? You may end up spending more money taking taxis to and from which is rather tedious, time consuming and costly. There was no way I would pull that suitcase around for hours. Sigh! 

I got to know about Nannybag, thanks to Google and within minutes, my luggage problem was sorted, my tired arms free and ready to be swung around the city. All I did was head straight to their website, choose my service, book, pay online and proceed to one of their convenient locations to drop my bags off. In just a few clicks.

Without further ado, I’ll share the little I was able to gather about these amazing peeps.

Picture courtesy of NannyBag page on Facebook

What/Who is Nannybag?

Nannybag is a 24-7 luggage storage service located in most parts of the world. NannyBag mainly partners with a reliably wide network of stores and hotels where you can drop your luggage off and they will store it for you. No, its not a free service but comes at an affordable price. That taxi ride to and from the hotel would charge you anywhere from 10 Euros and above. Nannybag stores your luggage without unnecessary restrictions on the number of pieces, their size and weight. How cool is that?

Which are their locations?

Nannybag is based in more than 250 major cities throughout the world including Europe Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon, Brussels, Dublin, Denmark, Sweden, Poland. You will also find them in multiple locations in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, Mexico and Brazil.

What do I need to do?

You will be required to book the service and provide vital information such as the number of bags you will drop off, your address, duration of storage, time and date. After that there will be an orange map showing all the NannyBag partner locations where you should proceed to select one of your choice from the map. The next step will be initiating payment for the baggage storage, drop it off and NannyBag securely stores it for you. No stress. 

Tip: You can download the NannyBag app on your phone’s app store or google play store free of charge.

How much will I pay?

Usually, depending on the continent and currencies, the price may differ slightly. However, the standard price especially for Europe is 6Euros per bag for 24hours and 4Euros per bag for an additional day. Their website gives you an option to click on the area you are located and price adjusts automatically on your screen. Payment is done securely online through their website and not at the baggage drop-off location. You will receive an email with details of the location, contact number, manager in-charge and so on after making your booking.

Will my luggage be safe?

Absolutely! For as long as NannyBag have your bags in their custody, they are covered by their partner, AXA insurance against theft, loss and damage, an amount of up to $1500 per piece of luggage. 

To further ensure safety, they do not allow you to send anyone else to pick up your luggage other than yourself. This is why you must produce your ID for identification at the time you drop off and collect your luggage.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Should you make a booking online then change your mind, you have no reason to panic as there is a ‘Cancel my Booking’ option on their website. A refund is made into your account in a couple of days. Any further questions you might have will be answered by their representatives through an available chat box on their website. They have also provided telephone contacts you could get them on if you prefer putting a call through to them.

You have no excuse not to take more pictures, shop at your favorite store or socialize with your new friends so feel free to make the best out of your trip. Trust Nannybag and be on your way.

You can find them on

Picture courtesy of NannyBag page on Facebook

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