Five Star Fri-Yays

Roda Al Murooj is a luxurious 5-Star Hotel set in the heart of Downtown Dubai just close to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.

You will definitely enjoy stunning views of the city and plush gardens and large swimming pool. The Hotel boasts of an all day dining at their restaurant known as Pergolas. Aside from that, the award-winning Double Decker Pub and Circle & Ojos Café are housed within the compound.

Check it all out here:

Anyway, a friend surprised her younger sister on her birthday which was held there so we got to enjoy bonding with my girls over tasty food and chilled drinks as we made merry and danced the night away.

Here are some of the pictorials from the event.

Friends for keeps

Friends are blessings

Nothing beats this fruity cake!

All smiles


More selfies

Cheers to friendship and togetherness.
One Love.

Hotel image source:

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