Welcome Home to Qat

Hello there! Welcome Home.

I am a Boho Kenyan Twirl, Poet, Author, Avid Reader, Podcast Host, You-tuber, Singer, Songwriter, Voice Over Artist, a fearless Nature Lover and Travel Addict.

Mine is a story of what it means to ‘keep winning’, even when it seems the odds are against you. They are not. Too many times we keep staring at closed doors for too long, instead of focusing on the next open one. Then keep whining, worrying, wondering and letting life glide by while you sit by, worry and spectate.

Life is for the living so better start making hay while the sun shines. You do you for you. Life is not what you make of it but how you live it. I learnt that to enjoy life, I had to shake out of my comfort zone and venture into the unknown.

To Stop. Go. Experience Life.

I am more than happy to share tips and experiences from my travels around the world, lifestyle, DIY’s, health matters as well as product and book reviews. My continuous heals, lessons and growth through grief and some self-care to relax and help you deal with stress. Thank you for making time to visit. Please Follow my site to be notified every time a new post goes up. Enjoy your stay here. Love and Hugs.

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